Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Ladybrook hand-carved Porcelain focal bead with Sterling Silver Bali beads, Czech glass beads, handmade Sterling Silver wire hook & initialed Solid Brass heart dangle.

November has bid us farewell and here we are into December!  Time has taken wings!

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with blessings & cheers & lots of turkey with all the fixins' !!   So much rain came down yesterday our big rock in the basement has a channel where when heavy rains come, the water makes a little stream ( a little Ladybrook ❤) right into the floor drain to outside.   Wish I was in my new studio...sigh...but will be soon, so in the meantime I had to bring all my clay & stuff back to the basement (arghhhhh! no room!!) and dealing with it!LOL!!  "it won't be long"  "it won't be long"!!!   I did manage to make some new snowflakes & pendants, which are over by the woodstove drying.  Will photo some pieces later & show.  There's so much going on  with Beads of Clay!! and  I was thrilled that my Empowered pendant was chosen along with sister clay Artisans for the Black Friday Giveaway!
The winner is Kristie Bowman!!!  Big Happy Congrats Kristie!!! Enjoy your treats!!!❤
check out her awesome jewelry designs here
Will be exciting what she designs with her new winnings!!

Well, I have to get busy... much to do!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Move!

 My Love of Fairies! This one in Porcelain with Sterling Silver, Black Onyx, Crystals
 New announcement!!  has moved from Etsy and is now at Big Cartel. Recently I have created some new one-of-a-kind designs with my beads & pendantsLet me know what ya think!  Going to get some new clays & glazes today! So much better than the mall or shoe store!LOL!!
Check out Beads of Clay
and see all what's going on with my  clay buddies! 
Wishing you light & happiness today & everyday....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tape & Spackle!

Studio update!  Thanks Bob (hubby) on your beautiful sheetrocking! We now have John, doing an excellent  Tape & Spackle job....
So, it's coming along!  I am quite a bit out of sorts with my clay work since doing the studio project! I can't wait to get in and let my creativity flourish with ROOM & LIGHT! I did purchase on Craigs List a slab roller (older one) that I think will be great to work with... needs a new canvas, but for the great price.. no complaints! :D    Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Halloween!!   Wow! we are in November already!!  Got to get in holiday making!!  I thought I would get my Halloween jewelry & charms done... but still glazing them...sigh....well then I have an early start for next year!!LOL!!  Ok studio be done!  In due time my dear... in due time!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beads & fun at FIT, NYC

There's my dear friend & beading artist Lynn Redner , me (with my lime green ceramic hoops I made & love) & of course our Lisa Peters...finally met in person at her booth with her fabulous designs Lisa Peters Art !!! We chatted, shared & laughed. It is so wonderful to meet in person our clay sisters & brothers! Warm heartfull thanks for the charm Lisa! It was not a huge show, some creative artists & the usual. I did get some Softflex wire & some nice stones! :D!! Lynn & I enjoyed a sunny but blustery windy day in NY. We took the train down & used the's always an adventure!
Studio update...the sheet-rocking is just about done, a pile of pine wainscoting boards are waiting to be prepped for staining after the sheet-rocking. so, it is moving along...would love to be a genie in a bottle right now and have it all done!!!LOL!! I am so excited!!
With so much going on here, I am not able to participate in the BoC Open Studio Sale going on today, but look forward to when I'm in & organized here. So, today go to the BoC Blog and shop! shop! shop! Great clay items offered & specials...don't miss out!! Have fun! Meantime....I'm designing some of my jewelry & glazing! Will post sometime soon what I created! I hear our Daisy beagle ringing the bell to go out... have a fabulous day!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Originally uploaded by LadyBrook
Welcome Autumn! Summer's heat to lots of rain! Still working on studio, sheet rock is almost done! then there's wainscoting boards to prepare for 2 walls.... so it's getting there!( will post pics soon).
In the meantime, with my projects all over and everything unsettled...I did manage to create this necklace, feels so wonderful to be creating jewelry with some of the new clay pieces I have been making. I know soon we will hear the honks and wings of the geese going south leaving us to await the coming cold and long winter.
The new American Craftsman Gallery in New Paltz is busy and hearing great feedback on my jewelry & whimsy! In the future, I will be teaching a small class on making Porcelain beads. Lisa Martinez, owner is now forming jewelry making classes on Thursday nights! What better way to spend an evening sharing & creating with like minds! Beads of Clay is growing and expanding, check out what's going there! I have much to catch up on, but my true priority is to get my studio done and organized... living a bit crazy here until...

I send light, love & good thoughts! Do what makes you happy & share!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Gallery!

Happy Summer!
I am so excited & thrilled my Ladybrook Designs Jewelry & Whimsy are showcased in a new gallery 'American Craftsman Gallery' in New Paltz, NY along with many Hudson Valley studio's up on facebook for starters, check out some unique American made Art!
To celebrate, there will be a wine & cheese reception on August 14th from 4-7PM Everyone is invited! So, keep the date! and come share & celebrate American Artists!

Hope you are all keeping comfortable & enjoying your summer! This has been a real HOT one so far! It has been awhile since I last posted...I know, been busy with studio plans inside & out, creating new jewelry pieces for the gallery.
After years of doing Fine Art & Craft Shows, I have decided to get off the road, build my dream studio (it's coming...), be shown in galleries & special shops with other Artisans & eventually teach small fun classes in my studio, along with more involvement in BoC group & local Art avenues. Sounds more like an affirmation! but I guess it really is!lol
Still much to learn & explore! Garden needs tending to, so I shall return.
Have a splendid day & find room for a little play!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Wired!

I am so into wire right now... of the electrical kind ! Our local friendly, patient, professional, courteous and innovative Electrician, Robert Hamm owner, High Falls Electric & son Rob Hamm are gems & a great team...not only expert Electricians, but so patiently working with me, sharing their expertise, answering all my questions & mostly making sure I am comfortable with the whole layout electrically where things will go...the kilns, vent fan, outlets (everywhere!), track lighting, spot lights, switches & all the details... & offered great ideas I did not even think of! They are not done yet, but it's great to see such progress! So, I just wanted to share where I am so far in the process! Even hubby Bob helped! In the Hudson Valley, Ulster County and in need of an experienced & professional Electrician, e-mail Robert Hamm
we are so pleased with the neat work they do! So, as the studio progresses....

Daisy has become a Bead Dog! These are some of the beads bought at the bead show in NYC.
I love making jewelry with my Ladybrook beads & pendants and fashion them with natural stones, vintage glass & new Czech glass, crystals, Sterling Silver & solid Brass chains, beads & charms! Will post new work soon, I know, I keep saying that! So much is going on here studio wise, but also work, and the outside yard is need of attention and the rake keeps calling me!
Will be back soon... much to do!!
Bead Happy ~Create ~ Love~ Laugh~ Share
Sending light on your path with a touch of fairy dust!
Hugs ~

Friday, March 26, 2010

March Bead Madness

Had a great day in NYC at the Whole Bead Show recently with my dear friends Lynn, Patty & Lynn, all love beading(and do beautiful work! ). We took the train down then onto the subway & into the energy of NYC! It has been years since I have been to NYC!
The weather was blissful warm, and at the show, I found some great natural stones, crystals & Sterling Silver to design with my Ladybrook Beads! Photos left to right Patty, me, Lynn & Lynn. Artistic, creative beaders! From our faces, you know it was a beautiful, bead-filled sharing day! With our lives so busy & diverse, it was such a pleasure to take a day to share in friendship & our passion of beads & creating!
Now to get busy with these new treasures & my clay! Dear hubby Bob, do get that studio done soon!! :)
Live ~ Laugh ~ Love & BEAD!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Greetings!

It is now February... hearts & love! Pictured, is a porcelain clay heart glazed in a light lavender, one of my Fairy Dance collection.
Yes, I know it has been some time since I last blogged...yikes! time goes so fast, so to catch up a bit here, holidays came, spent time in New Hampshire and Mass. with family, had a great time, missed other family members too.Taking long walks in the woods refreshes, and Daisy loves them too! My clay has been calling at me and since busy planning the studio, working & life happening these past months it's been on the back burner.
Recently, I have been adding to my bead store and jewelry to with so much more to come (one of my New Year's resolutions!!), and invited friends to be fans of page and would always welcome new fans!! It gives me incentive to keep going with my art, even in my tiny busting at the seams work area, until the new studio is done and I can move in and go clay crazy..... yes, it is coming!!
I have some orders to get done pronto. Mainly my goal is to get in the studio this year so I can really grow in the art of clay & it's many avenues!
With our Beads-of-Clay group, we just did a swap & I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my swap beads! Such talent & artistry!

Wishing you Peace & beads! :)