Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Website  & back in the Studio...

Time does fly!  Last year was kind of health bust for me... into this year, but I continue to tinker in the studio, not at the pace I used to.  I am so enjoying the Kumihimo beading & designs with seed beads and of my clay focal pendants and large beads.  Finding new purpose for old copper pipes... and it's not to scrap.... I cut them, clean them, kiln fire, then pickle the pieces then I cut them in shapes or hammer them in a disc die shapes, clean them up and put holes for dangles and ear wires and ready to torch enamel or kiln enamel...
Here's a pair I finished! I used my new Paragon purple Kiln! yeah! so exciting! my first time at sgraaffito!LOL!  practice! practice!   Hope your enjoying your day.   Good thoughts to you 😊

Friday, April 14, 2017

It’s been a long time… blogging…social media at all!  have been creating with my clay, learned Kumihimo and absolutely love it!! mostly self taught… just love You-tube for all the “tutes”  such talent!  coming full circle…. started back in the early 80’s doing Native American beading with quills ( mostly self taught)  the journey took me many paths… met many passionate Artisans in the art of beading, clay & Arts including fibers….so, now I am combining all of what  I love in the ancient Japanese art of Kumihimo! I will be posting more… Happy Spring to all from heart and hands.💕

Moon Dreams

Here's the moons and some Ladybrook charms nice and dry, carefully cleaned and ready for first kiln fire to bisque... next photo is after glazing (sorry no photo of that one..there will be others!)  this is the 2nd firing in computer controlled kiln, it's so exciting to open the kiln to see the colors and how they came out!!! I can not tell you the amazing feeling every time I open the's such a thrill.  Below is a picture of the moons with their glazes! so much color! Love it!!


Last glaze! this time the Mother of Pearl over glaze!  Here the moons are drying and hanging out with a few crows I did (they will go in another load) but they are happy hanging together during our Blizzard day in March!  Now in my studio, I am busy making each one into a unique  "Moon Dreams" suncatcher! These Ladybrook Designs© Moon Dreams and will be available soon at the Retail Stores I have listed on my website here, shops you will enjoy visiting & online! will keep you posted!  Have a great day!!   ♥︎
And...these are now my "Moon Dreams" all done!  I design them with natural stones, crystals, Solid Brass wire that I hand form and there are no two exact... i do create sisters... but not each are individuals! and a beautiful to celebrate the sun with rainbows and energy of the stones & my handmade beads and moon!  I have  been making these for years and they have been evolving.... and available at these fabulous, amazing places.... the Emerson Resort,  Mohonk Mountain House, and now at Saugerties Antique Center in  Saugerties,NY!    Happy Spring 2017💕💐  Christine