Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wishes do come true...

Skylights and beams
This is the view looking left out the studio door, part of the back yard.
This is the studio entrance doorway

Been awhile since I have posted or added anything... apologies for that, have been very busy planning & building my studio! Here's some photos and the builders making my dream come true hubby Bob Smith (in blue shirt) & his long time construction partner David Schoonmaker (with hat on)... have a ways to go yet but it is happening! Under the green tarp is an old display case I found on Craigslist, it needs some TLC but is perfect for the studio ( can't wait to fill it)!! photo shows David in studio and Bob in doorway. Photo of the building, roof all done skylights & beams in, utility closet framed in, many to do's yet before I get in but it's happening!! So exciting to see Bob & David published in the new issue of Hudson Valley Magazine So happy and proud for them and the house is beautiful!! Great job Bob & David! The home owners are lovely people and a joy to know.
So, that's what's been going here building the LadyBrook Studio ..... I am still working on the inside planning ( I keep changing it!!) after being in a cramped space in the basement for so long, it's like too amazing, a real studio!! Pinch me!! Is this real??!! Dreams do come true! BELIEVE!! Now we are into fall and it will be so great to get those windows and door on before the snow flies...wait! it did the other day....too early! We had a hard frost last night and all the Impatience are done and the Catalpa leaves are falling gracefully ( I hear the rake calling!).

And sadly this past spring, we had to put our beloved Gracie to sleep, her kidney's were shutting down and did not want here to suffer anymore, so she is laid to rest by our other beagle girl Katie in our yard. Even during the time of pain & mourning, I knew we would adopt another beagle (just love them!!!) and so here is Daisy! adopted at 6 mos. and just a sweetie!! Her energy is amazing!! We never had a puppy before! What joy she brings! and keeps us on our toes as she gets into everything!! We just love her!

And in the clay world, so much is happening! Many of my clay buddies are published and growing by leaps and bounds!Lisa Peters is like a non stop creative machine!!LOL! branching out and growing fast!! Check out and Marla James has taken off with her own bead supply store she has great stuff in bisque & supplies!! Go Marla!!
As for me? I did a Bead Fiesta Show back in August had a blast! great vendors and artisans and my dear friend Lynn came with me, she's also a jewelry designer ..... oh how we love BEADS!!! (having trouble loading the pix) also, I have been making beads & pendants got them in the kiln and now I have much bisque to glaze!

Wishing you happiness! & beading bliss!