Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 With the start of the crazy holiday rush....  I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all my handmade LadybrookBeads in my ETSY store! I will be adding more goodies tomorrow including charms & beads!  Shop handmade for the holidays!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Ready....

So much is going on with these groups of talented artists I belong to!  It has been so long since I had been involved due to health and studio building.... but getting on my feet again & even though the studio is not done done....I am glazing & making jewelry in such a wonderful space!  Anyway, with the holidays coming up (and fast) I am participating in a few group sales....and I will be offering FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday!
So, I will be stocking up my etsy shop with my  handmade LadybrookBeads & components!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


First a Happy Veteran's Day to all our Vets!!!  God Bless all of you & your families! You are always remembered.....always! Warm heartfelt Thank You!♥♥♥♥

Here it is November!!  One day I hope to be better at blogging... been away from the computer for some time except for quick peeps here and there, dealing with a quirky computer & health .... but I have been in my new studio working, YEAH!! (although still not finished) and it feels fabulous!  Was able to finally glaze some beads & things, with my rolling glaze cabinet filled with many kinds of glazes it's just great! thanks Mom for finding the cabinet and hubby for putting wheels on it making an opening for more glazes, storage...
The small round charms are glaze samples with it's code on the back I wrote with a glaze pencil ( been wanting to make samples of the glazes for quite some I am getting there...organized??!!)  
New glazing area!! Finally out of the basement!! Love the skylight overhead!  All the electric is not done yet but managing with extension cords! There will be a long light under the shelf to light up the area.  Have to be careful I don't get it too cluttered up before the electrician puts in the lighting!LOL!!
Our favorite!! It's Fall & hiking the "Gunks" with our sweet beagle "Daisy"!  All the huckleberry bushes are so pretty flaunting their red leaves along with all of nature's colors, textures, sounds & wonderful woods fragrance! In the background is the Catskill Mountains.

                                These are ancient Pitch Pines that grow on the rocks 
I will be sharing more..... In the meantime do check out all the cool and fabulous work of my clay bead buddies, groups & teams!  I have to get back in the groove of the clay and handmade jewelry groups after such a long hiatus with health issues & studio building.... Will be back!  Enjoy ♥

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Designed for a cause...

One of my handmade LadyrookBeads became a focal bead in a necklace handmade
 by jewelry designer/artisan Rita of Giantoniadesigns. This special necklace described in Rita's own words "I had the hearts and ribbons bead targeted for a piece that a friend of mine asked me to create for an auction to benefit breast cancer research. I also used the adorable little heart charm you so generously provided for me."  I asked Rita to provide me with the makers of the other artisan made components ... she excitedly let me know they all have  shops on Etsy too! So again in Rita's words..." The beautiful word bead was created by Diane Hawkey. The copper heart was created by Jade Scott. The lovely lilac lampwork beads were created by HMB Studios.. The hand dyed silk ribbon was by Jamn Glass. I had also used some Vintaj Natural Brass components as well as the "inspire" charm. " So cool to have my bead in good company! Great piece Rita!
Thanks Rita for sharing & creating with handmade artisan components! Continue your wonderful designs! I know one very lucky person will be proud to wear this lovely statement necklace!
 The beauty of clay is it's endless ways of creating with it!!
Wishing a happy day to all...blessings & blissings!♥

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Professional Clay Team growing.....

Such exciting events will be coming up along with fabulous work from this amazing group of clay bead artists that I am so proud to be part of!! Will keep you posted! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Hubby putting wheels & creating an open storage area...never can have enough storage!!

Ready to fill with glazes!!

From my small area in the basement, going to their new   cabinet in the studio! Yikes! I love glazes!!!
Here's the rolling glaze cabinet... I have so much bisque to glaze, can't wait to get organized to start the new work!  Hope you all enjoyed your St. Patty's Day celebrations!  This warm weather is amazing!! The ticks here in our woods are everywhere!!  Loving the Crocus blooms, the Daffodils coming up!  It's definitely a season of new, change, growth & adventure!
I am thrilled with the Beads of Clay group I am part of!  They are doing an amazing job of promoting our Clay Beads & sharing with the world our passion of clay!  I am looking forward to growing in my studio & having my creative imagination take off!! In the meantime, I am working on getting the studio done, have more to go, but will keep you posted!  I am also working on the Magic'll see.....

I recently did a show Expo at the beautiful, historic  Mohonk Mountain House where I will be demonstrating beading at the Barn Museum there this summer as I have been for years! It's an amazing place to get away and be removed from today's stresses and go back in time.

Well, back to getting organized, sorted....OMG!! Is that possible??! for a bead creator & clay lover?? I am hoping so!!!  Hubby won't add on an addition...LOL!!!

Wishing you a fabulous day! Blessings & Blissings!  ♥ Christine

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beads are getting out there!

It's March...thankful I made it a year from a life threatening illness & back on recovery!  With the studio coming along I have beyond much to do!! AHHH!  Looking at all my bead collections and" did not get to it yet " projects.... I am overwhelmed!  So, taking it one day at a time even ONE BEAD at a Etsy shop is growing LadybrookBeads!! It feels so good to list them & get them to those that will create beautiful jewelry with them!  I am just starting... so I have much to go yet!  and a pile of greenware beads & pendants to clean & bisque and some piles of bisque waiting to be glazed....yeah, I think I'm kind of busy...but in a good way that feels right to me, & I am so very thankful to be here!  Just posted some beads, more to come!  Hope your having a great day!  Hugs & clay hands!

Friday, March 2, 2012

LadybrookBeads FREE SHIPPING for MARCH!!

Yes! It's March Madness!! and that goes for my handmade LadybrookBeads in my Etsy store!
I will be listing more of my fired clay beads, pendants & charms..... so check back to my shop often this month! I am so excited to be really going forward.... & I enjoy being part of the Beads of Clay team of Professional Clay Bead Artists!  Such a great group & what talent!!
So, got to get busy and get beads listed!  Take advantage of March Free Shipping at  LadybrookBeads!     Wishing you a fabulous Day!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Signs of Spring

Just the other day a whole flock of yellow Finches came to Finch feeder and are now here! what a joy to see them!  In this state of transition & anticipation of moving into my new studio, I have decided to put some of my jewelry designs on etsy.... so now I have Ladybrook Beads & now my designs on Etsy!  Will be listing as I go along.  In the process of years of collections of beads, findings, ok, my passion!LOL!  I have clay in many stages of being finished Ladybrook Beads, pendants & charms...
Looks like this will be a very interesting, creative year & I welcome it!!  The sun is shining today & that's a great start!  May you have a beautiful day! I was thrilled to have my Fairy Dance pendant chosen for an etsy treasury!  Well, back to work....

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feels good to be coming back!!

It has been a long lost year...managed to survive  life threatening health issues, and it has been a long recovery! but on the mends & back with clay & going forward!!  Studio is coming along beautifully.....should be in there soon!!  Recently have been in touch with my clay group   and amazed with the growth of the group & amazing designs!!  So, I will be adding more beads to my etsy store and soon be adding  jewelry to my website.  I never gave up my dreams! I feel grateful, humble & thrilled to be going forward....back to clay & working on the my old metal sink base ( a Craigs List find), that was very rusty but with our hard work of sanding & cleaning & repainted, it is now restored! hubby laid down bamboo flooring in the front room area of the studio and we are leaving the back area cement, where the clay, glazing & kiln will be. So, we're getting there!  The light through tunnel is shining...I can really see it after so long!!  
Have a day of blessings!