Sunday, June 17, 2007

Branching out....

As I am busy working on creating my LadyBrook beads & pendants in porcelain for the next kiln load...the Beads-of-Clay group is also now on divantArt!! and members are showing their beads & work & blogging there too! I am there too (so exciting!! it's an amazing much to navigate and see!!!) my site there is LadyBrook Beads in the Beads-of-Clay site. It's all very new to us..but is taking off, thanks to enthusiastic members!! And...on the FCA (Fired Clay Artists) site where my website is....that is growing too!! Marla, has created an auction site for us too!! Well, these are new things going on in our bead world!! Meanwhile...the Impatience plants I planted are growing...the Hummingbirds are busy at the feeder as the birds, squirrels, chipmunks & an occasional black bear feed at the feeders! Enjoying the chorus of singing birds..and watching spring ripen to summer...and now it's back to work and getting these beads done! I am so excited with so much happening in our world of clay beads!! I am also blogging on Beads-of-Clay too!! Yes, we are growing & branching out...and I am so happy to joined with such a warm & wonderful group of clay bead artists!!
Feeling happy,