Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Kiln is Fired Up!!

Well a new creative batch of my handmade LadyBrook beads, pendants & many styles of dangles..(including quite a garden of my teeny tiny flower dangles!!) With this kiln load I experimented with some new, looking forward to see them when they are ready and to get them up on my website for your creative designs! Meanwhile, I have been busy making porcelain beads, pendants & dangles...soon for these to be in the kiln!
This month has flew by! With so much of my energy creating beads, pendants & dangles....I have not been able to put forth the time to create my own jewelry designs!! This is truly a first for me! So, I see a transition going on here....hhmmm, but I am in clay bliss making the beads!! What a joy to share this passion with my fellow members of Beads of Clay & Fired Clay Artists!! There is so much energy & exciting things happening in our clay world....hard to keep up!! LOL!!!
Will post pictures of opening the kiln from this batch on the Beads of Clay Pool when they are done!! So, while I am excitedly waiting for them I am going to try my hands at creating a toggle clasp from the porcelain clay for our new challenge!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Link to May's Prize of beads for Ophelias Garden!

Here is the link to the donated prize beads, pendants & dangles to the winner of the Ophelias Garden challenge from Art Bead Scene! Gets ideas & creativity going!! Check out all the beautiful beads ....and have fun on the Art Bead Scene site too! Enjoy.

Catching up!!

Warm greetings to all!! It has been quite awhile since I last posted....much has been going on! Excited I made some sales from my website to wonderful & creative jewelry artists...what a joy!! Will be great to see their designs!!
Before this month is done (where does the time go??!!) ....Art Bead Scene had a contest for jewelry designers "Ophelia's Garden" theme, and I was very happy to donate some of my tiny flower dangles, leaves & flower bead, along with other clay artists & members of Fired Clay Artists...Thanks Melanie!! ...and what beautiful pieces were created! Also, on Art Bead Scene Blog, my tiny flower & leaf dangles were featured with a good close up of detail and lovely comment...thank you again Melanie of Earthenwood!! spring is blossoming with green, colors & beautifully I take moments to take it all in & enjoy! and in dear brother had his back operated on was there for him & family...recouping well right now ...working the plans for my new studio!!!! Will be getting out of the basement & into the light!! Oh how I have dreamed of this!! and yes, I have been making new items with clay, both in ceramic & porcelain almost have enough for a kiln load...and glazing bisque beads, pendants & dangles soon to be also kiln fired! Excited to get all this done and posted on my website!!! It's not like just making the jewelry designs with everything right there for you....I am making the parts!! which I enjoy so much and picture all that can be designed with them as I am creating the pieces in clay...on these lovely days I bring the clay outside along with 3 draws of objects, stamps, buttons, tools, rolling pin, and create LadyBrook beads, pendants & dangles ...while nature abounds around me! I feel so blessed as you are too, dear reader! Been spending most of my time creating with the clay....that I have not been as focused on making my jewelry designs!! Yikes!! and I have a craft show next weekend!!! ...and life goes on!!! Hope your day is wonderful and you feel good!