Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Kiln is Fired Up!!

Well a new creative batch of my handmade LadyBrook beads, pendants & many styles of dangles..(including quite a garden of my teeny tiny flower dangles!!) With this kiln load I experimented with some new, looking forward to see them when they are ready and to get them up on my website for your creative designs! Meanwhile, I have been busy making porcelain beads, pendants & dangles...soon for these to be in the kiln!
This month has flew by! With so much of my energy creating beads, pendants & dangles....I have not been able to put forth the time to create my own jewelry designs!! This is truly a first for me! So, I see a transition going on here....hhmmm, but I am in clay bliss making the beads!! What a joy to share this passion with my fellow members of Beads of Clay & Fired Clay Artists!! There is so much energy & exciting things happening in our clay world....hard to keep up!! LOL!!!
Will post pictures of opening the kiln from this batch on the Beads of Clay Pool when they are done!! So, while I am excitedly waiting for them I am going to try my hands at creating a toggle clasp from the porcelain clay for our new challenge!!


Marla's Mud Moments said...

I want all the beads and pendants on the top self!!!

Christine ~ ladybrookdesigns said...

Hhmmmm....I'll send you an invoice!! LOL!! In the process of getting them photographed for FCA! will be up soon...Marla, thanks for the comment and for your patience and help getting me here!! You are precious!