Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hands in earth...

Happy Spring everyone! I know it's been awhile since I last posted (need to work on that!). Well, the snows have melted...the rains have come... the sun is warmer....and earth's beauty of greens & flowers are emerging along with all the bugs & insects...looking forward to the humming birds to come...we feed birds all year long...and the singing in spring is a most amazing orchestra and evenings bring the chorus of peepers! my hands have been a bit busy both with our mostly clay gardens...where the fairies will dance & play, and the clays of my designs....soon to have a kiln load of glazed new pieces to place on my website with fired clay artists! Some of my LadyBrook pendants have found new homes and excited to see how they will be embellished!
Looking forward to having a page on my site under the bead fairy just for your creations with my LadyBrook beads & pendants....your designs...your gallery!! Create with joy! Will post again...have a happy day!
Well, back to glazing! I took this photo after a storm last year...never let go of your dreams!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Website about ready...

Whew! Much of my new LadyBrook Designs website is done! ...and happy & excited to have it done with Fired Clay Artists!!! Thanks so much to Marla James of Marla's Mud...our fearless leader!!! a group we are being launched in Beads 2007 next week!! I think the site looks fabulous and so many amazing clay bead & pottery artists!!! Anyway, much of my time has been devoted to this project!...and I am looking forward to getting my hands back busy in the clay...I have some great ideas I am excited to try...and will gladly post here & on my site as I go along..but do check my site for some of the new pendants that are from the kiln load below!
A touch of winter has come but will not be long....the daffodils are coming up, crocus blooming, such singing of birds!! I wish you blissings & a happy day!