Monday, April 6, 2009


Happy rainy Monday here! Spring yes!! Love looking around at all the new growth happening on the shrubs, trees and Daffodils! Living with clay ground has it's challenges!! Can you believe Easter is next week?? Time is flying for me here! Had to get a pix of our sunshine, Gracie, a beagle (I LOVE Beagles) She was a rescue in bad shape when we got her and has been living like a queen ever since and now that she's about 15 years old a diva queen! She is my constant companion most of the time, except when hubby is around then she's all him!LOL! Been going through a creative slump for awhile, but with planning the studio...and yes soon the trusses will be up YEAH!!
(hmmm... I think I said that earlier) ...being married to a contractor also has it's challenges!LOL!
Etsy is an amazing community! There is so much to learn about how it all works! I have been adding some new pendants recently....I am so excited I had a sale!! I'll be working on my store, fine tuning it as I go along. Here is a new pendant to be added, a women's energy, strong yet gentle with guiding moon & butterfly...and hand written on the back ' I Am'.
I love the way clay lets me be expressive! I want to do it all!LOL
Sorry that my website is quiet at the moment....since I have been concentrating on Etsy, but will soon have my unique jewelry designs up for sale. My LadyBrook Designs jewelry & suncatchers are available at the stores on my web site's Blog & Links page.
Hope your day has been going well for you. I need to get back to paperwork! Happy Beading & creating!