Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wishes do come true...

Skylights and beams
This is the view looking left out the studio door, part of the back yard.
This is the studio entrance doorway

Been awhile since I have posted or added anything... apologies for that, have been very busy planning & building my studio! Here's some photos and the builders making my dream come true hubby Bob Smith (in blue shirt) & his long time construction partner David Schoonmaker (with hat on)... have a ways to go yet but it is happening! Under the green tarp is an old display case I found on Craigslist, it needs some TLC but is perfect for the studio ( can't wait to fill it)!! photo shows David in studio and Bob in doorway. Photo of the building, roof all done skylights & beams in, utility closet framed in, many to do's yet before I get in but it's happening!! So exciting to see Bob & David published in the new issue of Hudson Valley Magazine So happy and proud for them and the house is beautiful!! Great job Bob & David! The home owners are lovely people and a joy to know.
So, that's what's been going here building the LadyBrook Studio ..... I am still working on the inside planning ( I keep changing it!!) after being in a cramped space in the basement for so long, it's like too amazing, a real studio!! Pinch me!! Is this real??!! Dreams do come true! BELIEVE!! Now we are into fall and it will be so great to get those windows and door on before the snow flies...wait! it did the other day....too early! We had a hard frost last night and all the Impatience are done and the Catalpa leaves are falling gracefully ( I hear the rake calling!).

And sadly this past spring, we had to put our beloved Gracie to sleep, her kidney's were shutting down and did not want here to suffer anymore, so she is laid to rest by our other beagle girl Katie in our yard. Even during the time of pain & mourning, I knew we would adopt another beagle (just love them!!!) and so here is Daisy! adopted at 6 mos. and just a sweetie!! Her energy is amazing!! We never had a puppy before! What joy she brings! and keeps us on our toes as she gets into everything!! We just love her!

And in the clay world, so much is happening! Many of my clay buddies are published and growing by leaps and bounds!Lisa Peters is like a non stop creative machine!!LOL! branching out and growing fast!! Check out and Marla James has taken off with her own bead supply store she has great stuff in bisque & supplies!! Go Marla!!
As for me? I did a Bead Fiesta Show back in August had a blast! great vendors and artisans and my dear friend Lynn came with me, she's also a jewelry designer ..... oh how we love BEADS!!! (having trouble loading the pix) also, I have been making beads & pendants got them in the kiln and now I have much bisque to glaze!

Wishing you happiness! & beading bliss!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Happy rainy Monday here! Spring yes!! Love looking around at all the new growth happening on the shrubs, trees and Daffodils! Living with clay ground has it's challenges!! Can you believe Easter is next week?? Time is flying for me here! Had to get a pix of our sunshine, Gracie, a beagle (I LOVE Beagles) She was a rescue in bad shape when we got her and has been living like a queen ever since and now that she's about 15 years old a diva queen! She is my constant companion most of the time, except when hubby is around then she's all him!LOL! Been going through a creative slump for awhile, but with planning the studio...and yes soon the trusses will be up YEAH!!
(hmmm... I think I said that earlier) ...being married to a contractor also has it's challenges!LOL!
Etsy is an amazing community! There is so much to learn about how it all works! I have been adding some new pendants recently....I am so excited I had a sale!! I'll be working on my store, fine tuning it as I go along. Here is a new pendant to be added, a women's energy, strong yet gentle with guiding moon & butterfly...and hand written on the back ' I Am'.
I love the way clay lets me be expressive! I want to do it all!LOL
Sorry that my website is quiet at the moment....since I have been concentrating on Etsy, but will soon have my unique jewelry designs up for sale. My LadyBrook Designs jewelry & suncatchers are available at the stores on my web site's Blog & Links page.
Hope your day has been going well for you. I need to get back to paperwork! Happy Beading & creating!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Up & running on ETSY!

Think Spring!!! I finally have my ETSY store filled with some goodies for beaders and designers!

Take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING FOR MARCH!!!! ...and do let me know if you have any questions or comments!! I started with Etsy quite a while back and was not very active on it, going in too many directions at the time....but now I am there and will continue to add new and fun LadyBrook beads, pendants & dangles for your designing dreams!

Wow! Spring is just a few days away! We survived the winter so far and the daffodils are up about 3 inches already! Yes, I know, we not totally out of winter's cold arms yet...but we are very near the end of it's grasp!

After many years of participating in juried Fine Art & Craft Shows in the NY & New England areas, I feel a time to make more room to's where the new studio comes in, and to try out different venues for my work. A feeling of re-awakening to explore and let my creativity fly.... so come along as I share this walk. My original LadyBrook Designs Jewelry will be featured on my website soon. Will keep you posted!
Happy Happy Spring!!
Create ~Love ~ Share

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Greetings! In the midst of exciting change! All my LadyBrook Beads, pendants & dangles are moved ( well mostly moved) from my website to my Etsy site which I am offering FREE SHIPPING month of March!! I have added fun & fashionable new pieces and will be adding more as I go along! As for my website....that is for my Original LadyBrook Designs Jewelry and Whimsy....and the Gallery Page of customers Jewelry and Designs that were made from my beads & pendants, it's another great way to show off your handmade jewelry with LadyBrook Beads. New Jewelry designs will soon be up on the site for sale, and not just my clay will see :)

I cannot thank Marla of Marla's Mud enough for her helping me get my feet off the ground with my website and her amazing energy, knowledge, persistence, caring & friendship! Fired Clay Artists...a en voyage of talented clay artists and Marla the Captain!
Besides making her beautiful and fun pendants....Marla has branched off and has another website a=viewDoc&docId=2_with a complete assortment of low-fire ceramic bisque to hi-fire porcelain bisque and much in between including supplies. Great site for your clay needs!
Not only that...but Marla started Ceramic Arts Forum along with well known talented & published porcelain bead Artist Joan Miller. See her fabulous work at!
It's a great friendly place for clay artists to share, learn & grow from each other. The CAF is really growing fast from newbies to those Artists in the clay world a long time.
So, I am going along here getting my two sites geared up and looking forward to my above ground studio....the walls are up, now waiting for the roof trusses to go up! Hubby says very soon! I am so excited!

Much is going on and I just want to let you all know about the changes take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING this month on my etsy! More clay to come...
Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Peace ~Love~Hugs~Create~Play~Laugh~Share

Sunday, February 8, 2009


I will be adding new LadyBrook pendants, beads & charms in the coming days and weeks to my website (I know, finally!!).

Beadability created these beautiful necklaces with LadyBrook pendants...and they are available for purchase! E-mail for more info!

It so awsome when you see what other folks do with your clay pieces and how they create with them! Thanks so much Beadability for sharing these lovely pieces! and yes! they are for sale...each is one-of-a-kind! They can also be seen (along with their clasps) at my website above, click on the Customers GalleryPage on the bottom!

Enjoy the FREE SHIPPING this month!!
Bead Happy!