Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Greetings! In the midst of exciting change! All my LadyBrook Beads, pendants & dangles are moved ( well mostly moved) from my website to my Etsy site http://www.ladybrook.etsy.com/ which I am offering FREE SHIPPING month of March!! I have added fun & fashionable new pieces and will be adding more as I go along! As for my website....that is for my Original LadyBrook Designs Jewelry and Whimsy....and the Gallery Page of customers Jewelry and Designs that were made from my beads & pendants, it's another great way to show off your handmade jewelry with LadyBrook Beads. New Jewelry designs will soon be up on the site for sale, and not just my clay designs...you will see :)

I cannot thank Marla of Marla's Mud http://www.marlasmud.com/ enough for her helping me get my feet off the ground with my website and her amazing energy, knowledge, persistence, caring & friendship! Fired Clay Artists...a en voyage of talented clay artists and Marla the Captain!
Besides making her beautiful and fun pendants....Marla has branched off and has another website http://www.bisquebeadsupply.com/index.php? a=viewDoc&docId=2_with a complete assortment of low-fire ceramic bisque to hi-fire porcelain bisque and much in between including supplies. Great site for your clay needs!
Not only that...but Marla started Ceramic Arts Forum along with well known talented & published porcelain bead Artist Joan Miller. See her fabulous work at http://www.joanmiller.com/!
It's a great friendly place for clay artists to share, learn & grow from each other. The CAF is really growing fast from newbies to those Artists in the clay world a long time.
So, I am going along here getting my two sites geared up and looking forward to my above ground studio....the walls are up, now waiting for the roof trusses to go up! Hubby says very soon! I am so excited!

Much is going on and I just want to let you all know about the changes happening....so take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING this month on my etsy! More clay to come...
Hope you are having a wonderful day!
Peace ~Love~Hugs~Create~Play~Laugh~Share

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