Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 Hubby putting wheels & creating an open storage area...never can have enough storage!!

Ready to fill with glazes!!

From my small area in the basement, going to their new   cabinet in the studio! Yikes! I love glazes!!!
Here's the rolling glaze cabinet... I have so much bisque to glaze, can't wait to get organized to start the new work!  Hope you all enjoyed your St. Patty's Day celebrations!  This warm weather is amazing!! The ticks here in our woods are everywhere!!  Loving the Crocus blooms, the Daffodils coming up!  It's definitely a season of new, change, growth & adventure!
I am thrilled with the Beads of Clay group I am part of!  They are doing an amazing job of promoting our Clay Beads & sharing with the world our passion of clay!  I am looking forward to growing in my studio & having my creative imagination take off!! In the meantime, I am working on getting the studio done, have more to go, but will keep you posted!  I am also working on the Magic Door....you'll see.....

I recently did a show Expo at the beautiful, historic  Mohonk Mountain House where I will be demonstrating beading at the Barn Museum there this summer as I have been for years! It's an amazing place to get away and be removed from today's stresses and go back in time.

Well, back to getting organized, sorted....OMG!! Is that possible??! for a bead creator & clay lover?? I am hoping so!!!  Hubby won't add on an addition...LOL!!!

Wishing you a fabulous day! Blessings & Blissings!  ♥ Christine

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