Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beads are getting out there!

It's March...thankful I made it a year from a life threatening illness & back on recovery!  With the studio coming along I have beyond much to do!! AHHH!  Looking at all my bead collections and" did not get to it yet " projects.... I am overwhelmed!  So, taking it one day at a time even ONE BEAD at a Etsy shop is growing LadybrookBeads!! It feels so good to list them & get them to those that will create beautiful jewelry with them!  I am just starting... so I have much to go yet!  and a pile of greenware beads & pendants to clean & bisque and some piles of bisque waiting to be glazed....yeah, I think I'm kind of busy...but in a good way that feels right to me, & I am so very thankful to be here!  Just posted some beads, more to come!  Hope your having a great day!  Hugs & clay hands!

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