Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tape & Spackle!

Studio update!  Thanks Bob (hubby) on your beautiful sheetrocking! We now have John, doing an excellent  Tape & Spackle job....
So, it's coming along!  I am quite a bit out of sorts with my clay work since doing the studio project! I can't wait to get in and let my creativity flourish with ROOM & LIGHT! I did purchase on Craigs List a slab roller (older one) that I think will be great to work with... needs a new canvas, but for the great price.. no complaints! :D    Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Halloween!!   Wow! we are in November already!!  Got to get in holiday making!!  I thought I would get my Halloween jewelry & charms done... but still glazing them...sigh....well then I have an early start for next year!!LOL!!  Ok studio be done!  In due time my dear... in due time!!!

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