Saturday, October 2, 2010


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Welcome Autumn! Summer's heat to lots of rain! Still working on studio, sheet rock is almost done! then there's wainscoting boards to prepare for 2 walls.... so it's getting there!( will post pics soon).
In the meantime, with my projects all over and everything unsettled...I did manage to create this necklace, feels so wonderful to be creating jewelry with some of the new clay pieces I have been making. I know soon we will hear the honks and wings of the geese going south leaving us to await the coming cold and long winter.
The new American Craftsman Gallery in New Paltz is busy and hearing great feedback on my jewelry & whimsy! In the future, I will be teaching a small class on making Porcelain beads. Lisa Martinez, owner is now forming jewelry making classes on Thursday nights! What better way to spend an evening sharing & creating with like minds! Beads of Clay is growing and expanding, check out what's going there! I have much to catch up on, but my true priority is to get my studio done and organized... living a bit crazy here until...

I send light, love & good thoughts! Do what makes you happy & share!


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