Thursday, March 15, 2007

Website & Glazing....

Seems I am working on my website all the time...and yet it seems still so much to go!!! but I feel very good about this new journey with Fired Clay Artists!! the launch is in about 4 weeks!! so I have much to do!!!
Got downstairs and glazed pendants I have created a while ago...the website got most of me this winter and all this new planning!! so I am very psyched and getting ready for an exciting Spring and beginning!! We are due for more snow...and I see the daffodils coming out of the earth...nature knows!! I am excited using some new glazes I got on my pendants!! will post pix when they are loaded and done!! I am thinking of new customers for my work and the designs they will create with my beads and pendants!! Being a jewelry artisan for many years this is new and exciting to be making pieces for other jewelry artists to create with!! March is flying by, and I wish happy beading to all!!

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