Wednesday, March 27, 2013


First time being published in a magazine!... it's this new April/May 2013 special issue of
Step by Step Wire Jewelry 
 Many warm Thanks to Denise Peck, Editor of step by step magazine for accepting & adding my LadybrookBeads in this new issue!  Along with my beads and charms, I am thrilled to be featured with many talented clay they are:
White Clover Kiln 
Shaterra Clay Studio
Cecily Maples
Jennifer Davies-Reazor
Marti's Buttons-N-Beads
Elaine Ray Ornamentea
Joan Miller Porcelain
Off Center Productions
So, check out this wonderful publication for eye candy and design ideas!
Back to the studio to make jewelry and glaze a pile of bisque components....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Before & After...

Whew! Finally got my ceramic & terra-cotta clay beads & pendants glazed and carefully filled the kiln...let out a sigh of relief and left them to the kiln gods last night...
...then the excitement of opening the kiln this morning!...... will be listing them this weekend! It is such a thrill to open that kiln lid and see all the color, textures, shiny glazes all ready to be created into amazing artisan jewelry pieces!
Also, the banner voting is on for BOC! I entered two of them... they all look great!
Artisan Whimsy is growing leaps too!   Now I have a pile of newly created porcelain beads, pendants, buttons & charms to glaze and fire....
Back to the studio♥...

Friday, March 1, 2013

Going International...

All bagged up for the Bead Cruise..
With this global world we live in, I have now added shipping to Canada & International.  In my studio, I have been busy glazing beads, pendants & charms that I am so looking forward to get in the kiln!  This a year of change....Beads of Clay is going through what I know is great changes, over at Artisan Whimsy Melinda Orr and the team are gearing up for new and exciting plans!  So much going on!! Blooms of ideas!! You know Spring is about here!  Recently I became a sponsor & sent off beads & pendants to the Bead Cruise participants...I know they all had a blast!! and enjoying the wonderful memories, learned techniques in beading, made new friends & got lots of bead 'goodies' from all of us sponsors!  Studio is still a work in progress... but enjoying creating in my own space!
Well, back to the Studio and glazing... Happy First of March...go check out the First Friday Etsy  Art Walk! Great stuff!  Is your day coming in like a Lion?