Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Move!

 My Love of Fairies! This one in Porcelain with Sterling Silver, Black Onyx, Crystals
 New announcement!!  has moved from Etsy and is now at Big Cartel. Recently I have created some new one-of-a-kind designs with my beads & pendantsLet me know what ya think!  Going to get some new clays & glazes today! So much better than the mall or shoe store!LOL!!
Check out Beads of Clay
and see all what's going on with my  clay buddies! 
Wishing you light & happiness today & everyday....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tape & Spackle!

Studio update!  Thanks Bob (hubby) on your beautiful sheetrocking! We now have John, doing an excellent  Tape & Spackle job....
So, it's coming along!  I am quite a bit out of sorts with my clay work since doing the studio project! I can't wait to get in and let my creativity flourish with ROOM & LIGHT! I did purchase on Craigs List a slab roller (older one) that I think will be great to work with... needs a new canvas, but for the great price.. no complaints! :D    Hope you all enjoyed a Happy Halloween!!   Wow! we are in November already!!  Got to get in holiday making!!  I thought I would get my Halloween jewelry & charms done... but still glazing them...sigh....well then I have an early start for next year!!LOL!!  Ok studio be done!  In due time my dear... in due time!!!