Monday, July 16, 2007

Family ways...

Hi everyone!!
Lately, much of my energy has been shifted to wonderful mother has just closed on a house that has the panoramic sky of sunrise & sunset that she has been looking for quite some time...and is needing much help with the move! Anyone who has moved a loved one with many possessions, keepsakes and garden lover ( of course her special plants!) takes, I have been going back and forth when I can (4 1/2 hr. round trip), and having had a medical issue that I am also getting through ( thank heavens for CLAY!!! I do believe it is my sanity!! LOL) I am busy glazing porcelain beads at present....need to get some finished work on my website!! Apologies for delayed presentation of new beads, pendants and jewelry!! I promise I will get them up!!!
Also, living in the country with nature we were visited by a mother black bear and we couldn't believe it....and 4 small cubs!!!!! Wow! we were amazed and she wouldn't leave! (focused on our bird feeders)...well after a time..she and her 4 cubs romped up the bank and were gone ( so we thought...and this is in early afternoon on a hot summer day!) well, I returned back down to my work painting my beads, hubby left for errend....and about 45min. later I came up and the bird feeders were down!! The Finch feeder busted in many pieces and the metal bird feeder yanked from the tree and wires bent (has happened we take them in at night). that mamma was determined to get those feeders!!! It has now been almost a week and no sign or sight of her and her babes...but, as nature goes....she'll sure check back sometime!! It was truly an awsome sight to watch..especially the cubs!! Anyone have Woodpeckers drinking from your Humming bird feeders?? Well, we have a few that must think they are Hummingbirds!!
Just sharing a bit of nature around here...I know the fairies are busy playing around the flowers!

Fired Clay growing leaps & bounds!!! Jessica Sharrah & Marla of Marlas Mud have taken it and it is blossoming with many of the groups input!! I am proud of all the members work and sharing as on BoC! I have much to catch up on and need to plow more focus on the clay and my site....I feel as if I haven't been giving it my all in recent months...with much going on personally! But fear not as they say!!! The artist shall prevail!!! I bloom at a slower rate so I can absorb what is happening!! I love what I do, the groups of clay I am with and sharing this passion!! I recently got a few special orders I am also working on...
OK, I shall stop now and get to work!! The internet is a great tool for getting out there...and marketing with it has endless possibilities!! I am learning!!! So, thanks for stopping by! My roundtuit is I best get going on ....
See you on FCA & BoC!!!
Wishing you blissings, laughter & of course beads & fairy dust!


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stone blossom studio said...

Wow, a bear with 4 cubs!!!
and on your property.
Nice you are helping your Mom.
Let me know if you are still demonstrating at Mohonk this summer, I am looking forward to meeting you.
Nice new works,