Wednesday, November 21, 2012


 With the start of the crazy holiday rush....  I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all my handmade LadybrookBeads in my ETSY store! I will be adding more goodies tomorrow including charms & beads!  Shop handmade for the holidays!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting Ready....

So much is going on with these groups of talented artists I belong to!  It has been so long since I had been involved due to health and studio building.... but getting on my feet again & even though the studio is not done done....I am glazing & making jewelry in such a wonderful space!  Anyway, with the holidays coming up (and fast) I am participating in a few group sales....and I will be offering FREE SHIPPING on Cyber Monday!
So, I will be stocking up my etsy shop with my  handmade LadybrookBeads & components!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


First a Happy Veteran's Day to all our Vets!!!  God Bless all of you & your families! You are always remembered.....always! Warm heartfelt Thank You!♥♥♥♥

Here it is November!!  One day I hope to be better at blogging... been away from the computer for some time except for quick peeps here and there, dealing with a quirky computer & health .... but I have been in my new studio working, YEAH!! (although still not finished) and it feels fabulous!  Was able to finally glaze some beads & things, with my rolling glaze cabinet filled with many kinds of glazes it's just great! thanks Mom for finding the cabinet and hubby for putting wheels on it making an opening for more glazes, storage...
The small round charms are glaze samples with it's code on the back I wrote with a glaze pencil ( been wanting to make samples of the glazes for quite some I am getting there...organized??!!)  
New glazing area!! Finally out of the basement!! Love the skylight overhead!  All the electric is not done yet but managing with extension cords! There will be a long light under the shelf to light up the area.  Have to be careful I don't get it too cluttered up before the electrician puts in the lighting!LOL!!
Our favorite!! It's Fall & hiking the "Gunks" with our sweet beagle "Daisy"!  All the huckleberry bushes are so pretty flaunting their red leaves along with all of nature's colors, textures, sounds & wonderful woods fragrance! In the background is the Catskill Mountains.

                                These are ancient Pitch Pines that grow on the rocks 
I will be sharing more..... In the meantime do check out all the cool and fabulous work of my clay bead buddies, groups & teams!  I have to get back in the groove of the clay and handmade jewelry groups after such a long hiatus with health issues & studio building.... Will be back!  Enjoy ♥